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Elevate the mood at your next corporate event with a time-honored classic that tests both strength and skill: Our „High Striker“! Towering nearly 2.5 meters tall, this beacon of challenge entices the competitive spirit among your guests and offers an amusing attraction that’s sure to be a talking point.

Automaten Dimas’s High Striker is the perfect icebreaker and mood enhancer for any type of corporate event. Armed with a hammer, each participant is tasked with proving their might to ring the bell at the top. The device accurately counts the scored points, allowing for an exciting competition among colleagues.

Whether as part of a team-building event, an entertaining break during a conference, or the highlight of a company party, the High Striker invites a friendly test of strength and promotes camaraderie in a fun and carefree way. The best part: Our unit is set to free play, meaning your guests can take on the strength challenge as many times as they want at no additional cost!

The High Striker is more than just a game. It’s an attraction that evokes nostalgia while simultaneously inspiring new feats of strength. Its impressive height makes it a true eye-catcher, drawing people in and fostering a relaxed, joyful atmosphere at your event.

Opt for a classic that never loses its charm. With Automaten Dimas, you not only enjoy high-quality gaming equipment but also hassle-free service, from delivery and setup to pickup. Contact us today to rent the High Striker and give your corporate event a powerful boost that will be remembered long after the event has concluded. Your staff will love the friendly competition, and the mood will be as high as our High Striker itself right until the very end.

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