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Automaten Dimas offers an exclusive selection of arcade and event machines without coin slots that can make any occasion unforgettable. Our comprehensive service includes the rental and delivery of quality entertainment equipment, ensuring your event runs smoothly and your guests have a fantastic time. Here is our range of available machines, listed alphabetically with detailed descriptions:

Add a unique touch to your event with our 360 Degree Video Spinner. This innovative camera technology captures breathtaking 360-degree footage that your guests can instantly share on social media. It’s a standout feature for weddings, corporate parties, and birthdays, ensuring every moment is perfectly captured.

Enjoy high-speed fun with our Air Hockey table. The air-cushioned playing surface allows the puck to glide effortlessly, leading to fast-paced and exciting games. This robust and durable table features an electronic scoring system that tracks every goal. Ideal for parties and competitive play.

AIRWHEEL S3, A3, Electric Vehicle
Experience modern mobility with our Airwheel electric vehicles. Perfect for outdoor events and large venues, these easy-to-control vehicles offer a fun and futuristic way to get around. Suitable for all ages, they provide a unique highlight for your event.

Immerse yourself in the classic arcade game Donkey Kong. Take on the role of Mario and save Pauline from the clutches of Donkey Kong in this charming and challenging game. A must-have for any retro gaming enthusiast, it’s a delight for both young and old players.

Relive the nostalgia with our Pacman arcade machine. This iconic game offers endless hours of entertainment as you navigate Pacman through maze-like levels, collecting points and avoiding ghosts. A timeless classic that is sure to evoke memories and excitement among all your guests.

Experience action-packed excitement with the classic arcade shooter Terminator 2. Featuring thrilling levels and intense gameplay, this machine will captivate both fans of the film and arcade enthusiasts. Perfect for events where adrenaline and excitement are the main attractions.

ATARI PONG RETRO TABLE including 2 Chairs
Step back in time with our stylish Retro Pong Table, complete with two comfortable chairs. This modern take on a classic game combines nostalgic charm with contemporary design. A real eye-catcher at any event, it’s sure to captivate guests of all ages.

Feel the thrill of racing with our car simulator. Featuring realistic driving physics, authentic cockpit views, and various tracks and vehicles, this simulator offers an adrenaline-pumping experience. It’s perfect for car and racing fans looking for an exciting challenge.

Challenge your friends with our basketball shooting arcade machine. Dynamic LED lights and sound effects enhance the game experience, motivating players to aim for higher scores. Ideal for sporting challenges and competitions, where speed and accuracy are crucial.

BILLARD including Accessories
Our billiard tables offer the perfect mix of elegance and functionality. Ideal for relaxed evenings or exciting tournaments, each rental includes a high-quality table and all necessary accessories such as cues, balls, a triangle, chalk, and covers. Your guests will enjoy classic entertainment.

DART MACHINE for up to 8 Players
Our dart machine is a true crowd-pleaser, accommodating up to 8 players at once. With electronic scoring and various game modes, this machine is a great addition to any event. Precision and fun are guaranteed as guests compete in this beloved sport.

Classic pinball fun guarantees hours of entertainment. Our well-maintained pinball machines come in a variety of themes and designs, appealing to every guest. An essential part of any arcade collection, suitable for both solo and competitive play.

Our claw machines provide engaging challenges, perfect for events and trade shows. Whether stuffed animals, small gifts, or other surprises, our claw machines ensure everyone has a chance to win a prize. They add excitement and a competitive edge to any gathering.

Our mini, child-friendly version of the classic „Hau den Lukas“ is perfect for younger guests. The frog-themed design adds an extra touch of fun, ensuring bright and happy faces. A safe and enjoyable way to delight and engage children.

A modern twist on the classic claw machine, featuring eye-catching LED light effects. These machines capture attention with their futuristic design and colorful lights. A highlight at any event, sure to impress and entertain your guests.

Challenge your friends to intense fights in the legendary Mortal Kombat 2. With its iconic characters and spectacular moves, this arcade game offers not only tough battles but also strategic depth. Perfect for competitive gaming nights and tournaments.

POKER TABLE (2 Variants)
Our elegant poker tables are perfect for poker nights or casino-themed events. Both variants are made from high-quality materials, accommodating several players. Complete with cards, chips, and all necessary accessories, your poker night will be a complete success.

Streetfighter 2 is another classic that’s a must-have. Choose from a variety of characters and prove your skills in challenging fights. This game captivates both newcomers and experienced players alike, making for exciting and competitive duels.

Bring the soccer stadium atmosphere directly to your event with our high-quality foosball tables. Balanced figures and robust construction ensure precise gameplay and long-lasting fun. Ideal for tournaments or friendly matches among guests.

A table tennis table brings movement and fun to any event. Suitable for casual play or intense matches, this classic game is popular among all age groups and provides endless entertainment. A must-have for any event focused on sports and activity.

For all soccer fans, our goal wall offers an excellent opportunity to test your shooting accuracy. Various levels of difficulty and challenges make this device a favorite among young and old. Perfect for sports events, corporate parties, or family gatherings.

A must for Marvel enthusiasts, our virtual pinball machine features exciting adventures with characters like Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Thor. With authentic sounds, stunning graphics, and multiple game modes, this game offers a fantastic experience for all ages.

For Star Wars fans, this virtual pinball machine is an absolute must. Stunning graphics, authentic sounds, and various game modes make this pinball experience unforgettable. Immerse yourself in the universe of Jedi and Sith and master incredible pinball challenges.

XXL 6m Inflatable Dart
This giant 6-meter dartboard game is sure to capture everyone’s attention. Dart has never been this exciting and accessible for a large number of players at once. A favorite among all age groups, offering fun and challenges.

XXL Inflatable Games
Our XXL inflatable games provide massive fun and make any event a big adventure. From bouncy castles to thematic event games, these gigantic attractions captivate children and adults alike, ensuring unforgettable moments.

XXL Dart
Another highlight for darts fans is our XXL dart game. These impressively large dartboards provide an exciting and entertaining experience for all participants. Perfect for competitions and events where darts are the main attraction.

XXL Foosball for 8 People
A human-sized foosball game where up to 8 people can play simultaneously. This XXL foosball is a real eye-catcher, promising loads of fun and competitive play. Ideal for large events and corporate team-building activities focusing on teamwork and enjoyment.

XL 3m Inflatable Dart
The smaller yet equally impressive version of the XXL dart game. Standing at 3 meters high, this inflatable dartboard offers exciting challenges and great fun. Ideal for all types of events, combining entertainment and physical activity.

Automaten Dimas turns your event into a memorable experience full of fun and games. Contact us to perfectly tailor your event and secure your selection from our versatile and entertaining machines!

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